The addition of upgrades for Chaos Knights

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Starting from July 20, 2022, hips have been added to this kit so that the kit is suitable for the chassis
(Rampage / Desecrator / Abominant) in addition to the base chassis (Gallant / Warden /Errant / Crusader / Paladin) for which it was originally developed

here is a list of the kits that received the update :

1. Boobs armour Revised + hips (free)

2. Sorcerer Armour Revised + hips (free)

3. Skull Blood Armour Revised + hips (free)

4. Rotten Armour Revised + hips (free)

5. Indivisible Armour Kit + hips (free)


6. Dark Queen Armour Kit + hips (free)

7. Dark Mech armour kit + hips (free)

8. Rotten Armour Kit + hips (free)